Welcome Hardworking Food Allergy Mamas!

As an 12-year food allergy mom, I’ve been where you are and have spent hours Googling food allergies. I’ve since figured out the most reputable information sources and done all I can to learn from them (such as Food Allergy Canada, Food Allergy Research & Education and AllerCoach).

I’ve taken what I’ve learned and added life experience to create practical solutions to food allergy lifestyle issues that:

SAVE YOU time, energy and stress.

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You want to make the best choices for your food allergy child, but food allergies are overwhelming.  Maybe you...

  • are new to food allergies and don’t know where to start. Download my FREE list of the top things to do after your child is diagnosed HERE.

  • feel sick of cooking the same thing over and over because you know it’s safe but you don’t have the bandwidth to research new recipes. Download my FREE list of simple, delicious, allergy-friendly dinners HERE.

  • are finding it difficult to navigate & find time for food allergy tasks like meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. Read my blog posts about meal planning HERE.

  • want your school to accommodate food allergies, but you don't know what to ask for. Download the FREE school solutions download HERE.

  • don't know how to handle social situations such as birthday parties, school, and family celebrations. Read my blog posts about it HERE.

  • want to try doing what others take for granted like travelling, but you're afraid. Read my blog posts about it HERE.

Whether your child is newly diagnosed or you've had food allergies in your family for years, I can help. 

I'm committed to:

  • Creating lifestyle services that help overwhelmed, stressed and busy moms.

  • Teaching practical solutions through blog posts and on-line programs.

  • Helping you feed your food allergy family through The Inspired Kitchen Membership.

  • Improving the community between food allergy moms and non-food allergy moms in my blogs.

Food Allergy Mom Canada

Join the Community.

Get support and be inspired.

Here's what I know and believe:

  • Living with food allergies is hard and can be isolating.

  • There’s a lot of misinformation about food allergies which can divide people instead of bringing them together.

  • Food allergy families need support and education to navigate.

  • Each person has value and they were made for one or several purposes. I believe that weaknesses (including food allergies or celiac) can become strengths to be used to live out that purpose.

  • Teaching adults and kids about food allergies (whether they have it or not) can make this world a better place.

school and food allergy help
Newly Diagnosed with Food Allergies
Allergy-friendly dinner ideas

My credentials:

  • Certified AllerCoach

  • Allergen Training for the Foodservice and Food Retail Industry by TrainCan, Inc

  • Anaphylaxis in ChildCare Settings: What Staff/Caregivers Need to Know by Allergy Aware

  • Anaphylaxis in the Community by Allergy Aware

  • Anaphylaxis in Schools by Allergy Aware

  • University of Calgary Bachelor of Commerce Degree

  • Ten years personal experience safely managing several severe food allergies.

I have twelve years personal experience managing several severe food allergies and I'm a certified AllerCoach, but I was once in your situation too.  I want to share what I've learned through experience and certification to help you decrease stress and overwhelm.

Food Allergy Consultant Canada

A Little About Me:

Lived in Canada most of my life, except for a year-long adventure in New Zealand.

Netflix? Nope. I'm obsessed with Cooking Channel & HGTV.

Spend more time on social media than I'd like to admit!

Struggle to find time (or maybe motivation?) to exercise, but LOVE it once I do it.

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As a working mom of two kids with severe food allergies, I can relate!

How did I get to where I am?

Breastfeeding didn’t come easily for me.  As beautiful as it was, my babies and I were usually awkward and uncomfortable.  I was not that mom who could effortlessly feed her baby while visiting with another mom AND holding a diaper bag.  I was completely opposite since I needed a special pillow and my baby needed to be held “just right”.  This led to a lot of isolation since I needed to be home most of the time so I could properly feed my babies. 

Needless to say, when it was time to start solids, I was ready to move to the next feeding stage.   I was looking forward to effortlessly feeding my kids just like everyone else!  Unfortunately for me, the next feeding stage soon revealed severe food allergies for both of my kids.  We went from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak.  Not what I was looking forward to!   And so our journey with severe food allergies began. 

Now looking back, I remember the first days after diagnosis being filled with overwhelm, uncertainty, and fear.  I spent hours and hours on the internet looking for answers and teaching myself everything I needed to know to keep my kids safe (each of my kids were diagnosed with different allergies).  After getting acquainted with how to keep my kids SAFE, I now found there were other lifestyle issues to manage.

How do I keep on top of cooking & baking without getting burnt out?

How do I manage potlucks and holidays?

How can travel (something my hubby and I LOVE) fit into our lives now?

How do I make sure my kiddo is safe & taken care of at school?

I kept thinking: If only there was someone that could help me understand exactly what I needed to know.  Through the years, as I’ve developed strategies and techniques for myself; I’ve taken notes so that I can TEACH these strategies to others too.  

I’ve taken what I’ve learned about food allergy safety through reputable sources and added life experience to create practical solutions to food allergy lifestyle issues. These solutions will:

SAVE YOU time, energy and stress.  

Check out my blog or download one of my FREE resources to start reducing your food allergy stress now.