My Easy Food Allergy Baking Tools (Which Make Great Gifts For The Food Allergy Baker)

It’s that time of year!  Time to subtly hint to your hubby about what you want for Christmas.  Or maybe not? I was recently reading a marriage blog that said we shouldn’t be subtle (or expect) our hubbies to know what we want.  We need to be honest and tell them exactly how we feel (in a loving way), and take away those unfair “read my mind” expectations.  And I have to say I agree.  Which means if you cook and bake as much as I do, this post comes at the perfect time.  It’s full of baking tools that will make your life easier and you can forward it to your hubby or anybody else who needs to buy a present for you. 

Other than preserving your marital bliss, I also wrote this post to share some of the things that make my life easier when I’m baking.  Great kitchen tools are soooo important to make mundane kitchen tasks easier, quicker and give a better end product. So here goes….

*Please note, there are affiliate links in this post.  This means if you or someone you know use these links to purchase these items, I'll get a small part of the revenue, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU (this helps keep the blog going, yay!)

Easy Food Allergy Baking Tools

1. Kitchen Aid Mixer.  This has to be my number one tool.  I’ve had this baby since our wedding (over 16 years ago), and this thing has not let me down!  I love how it will cream, whip, stir and blend all while I’m doing something else (i.e. kitchen clean up). I only wish I had the new "flex edge beater" shown below.

2. Cookie Scoop.  Look, this may seem frivolous, but, WOW.  I love how I can make cookies that are uniform in shape and cook evenly.  The large one is great for muffins.  Makes WAY less of a mess, and the product comes out “prettier”.  If you’re making meatballs, the small & medium ones work perfectly. You’ll want a full set of these (small, medium and large).

3. Pre-cut Parchment Paper.  This stuff has changed my life!  All I do is pull out a piece, put it on my baking tray and I get a great non-stick coating, with the added bonus of little to NO clean-up of the pan.  And you can re-use this stuff too.  If you have a milk allergy, think, NO buttering required!

Holiday Tools Pic.JPG

4. Oval Measuring Spoons and Cups.  Oval ones are easy to get into the spice jar and any round container.  Need I say more?

5. Microplane Zester.  Citrus zest of any kind is a great way to add flavour to cooking or baking.  A good-quality zester makes the job of getting that beautiful coloured part off the bitter white part so much easier!  If you get one of these, you’ll be zesting into everything you cook or bake (lemon loaf anybody?)

6. Offset Spatula.  If you can believe it, I used to use a regular butter knife for frosting.  Honestly, I just could not after I tried an offset spatula.  I really like the smaller one because it’s easier to manoeuvre, especially for cookies but the big one would work well if you have a larger cake.

7. Whisk.  There is something so satisfying when I’m stirring with a whisk.  It just feels so productive with all those wires working as a harmonic team.  Ok, maybe that seems dramatic, but I think you’ll know what I mean once you try it out!  I like to have 2 sizes here.  One for the bigger bowl items and one for nimbleness.

8. Fruit Slicer.  This is not only great for those fruit desserts but also to make healthy snacks for the kids.  And now that my kids are getting a bit older, they can handle one themselves so they can cut up their own pears & apples.

9. Breadmaker.  I know allergies often prevent us from having REALLY GOOD bread.  And I LOVE bread.  So I missed it a lot.  It took me awhile to take the plunge on this one because of the price, but I’m SO glad we did.  One bonus: the smell of freshly baked bread wafting into your room as you wake up in the morning.  Yum!

So there you have it!  My favourite baking tools.  Also, check out my other post I did a little while ago  My Favourite Tools For Food Allergy Cooking.  Between the two of these posts, you’ll be decked out!

What about you?  What’s your favourite baking tool?  Share in the comments.

My Easy Food Allergy Baking Tools For Food Allergy Moms