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Expanding Your Horizons Package

You are confident in cooking, shopping and cross contact.  You want to begin to explore things that others without food allergies/celiac take for granted: eating out and travelling with food allergies or celiac.  This package will increase your courage to move to the next level of food allergy/celiac living.  

Based on experiences travelling to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Caribbean (pre-allergies) and also Canada, US, Bahamas, Mexico, Spain and UK (with children with allergies), we will cover what to ask for and be aware of at restaurants, hotels, airlines and everything in between.  You will get a comprehensive list of travel tips.  You will get a package of chef or travel cards specific to your allergies.  You will get a travel pack of important items to bring with you in your carry-on.  If you have a destination in mind, we will provide you with 3-10 important food allergy information tidbits specific to your destination.  This package will help you to overcome common dining out and travelling obstacles so you can have a positive dining and travel experience.  

Includes a follow-up call about a month after the initial consult to see how you are doing and address any new questions you may have.


What happens when you click "Book Now"?

  • You will be brought to an online calendar where you will be able to schedule a free, 15 min consultation.  This meeting will be via Skype or phone.  We can also meet personally, if you are in Calgary at a coffee shop of your choice, if you prefer. 
  • After scheduling, watch for the confirmation email.  This email will give you a link to a questionnaire regarding your food allergy information which should be completed prior to our call.  This information will help us understand your needs.  At the same time, you will also receive a list of prices for standard packages.  
  • On our call, we'll discuss your situation and how we can help you.  We'll talk about the different packages and what might be beneficial to you. You'll be able to decide whether we are a good fit and if you would like to go ahead, we will discuss a start date and booking times. If during the call you feel we are not a good fit, we would be happy to help you find someone who is.
  • After our call, you will receive a contract to sign.  Payment for packages must be made at time of contract signing.  If you are booking the Full Pantry, or a large custom package,  you may pay in full, OR make a 50% deposit with the remaining to be paid at the halfway point of your package.  Payment accepted includes major credit card, or e-transfer.  More details about how to pay and timing will be included in your contract email. 
  • Package bookings can take place long distance via Skype, phone, or in person at a coffee shop of your choice, if you are in Calgary.
  • All package bookings must be completed within a certain time frame, based on what package(s) you decide on, and consult time available.  This timing will be noted on your contract.  For example, one standard package will need to be completed within 2 weeks of contract signing, unless Friendly Pantry Consulting Inc. does not have times available that fit your needs.  For the larger, more extensive packages such as the 5 appointment Full Pantry Package, you will have 10 weeks to complete all bookings required.  If Friendly Pantry Consulting Inc. does not have sufficient booking time available, this will be discussed and package completion times will be adjusted accordingly.  We recommend booking the same time every week-2 weeks until the packages are complete.
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