Love The Holidays Challenge Videos

Scroll down to find each video in order.  Videos will ONLY be available until December 1, 2017, so make sure to watch them before then.  Please note that none of the advice in these videos are medical advice.  Scroll down to the footer of this page for a full list of disclaimers for this challenge.

 If you didn't receive your workbook, you can download it here:



DAY 1 Video:

This video is a brief OVERVIEW of the concepts mentioned.  It is NOT an in-depth training about food allergy safety.  What it IS: A video showing an easy way to get others to take food allergies seriously without seeming difficult, YAY!


DAY 2 Video:

We know food allergies need to be accommodated, but today we're looking at reasons we fail at getting friends & family to understand food allergies.

DAY 3 Video:

When we think positively about why someone doesn't want to accommodate food allergies, it will be better for our overall state of mind.  Today we explore obstacles that might stop friends & family from accommodating food allergies.

DAY 4 Video:

Things we can teach our child so they're empowered to keep themselves safe at holiday events.

DAY 5 Video:

Its all about planning today.  Lets get the cooking & baking sorted out so we can enjoy ourselves this holiday!