Disney World Snack Adventures With Peanut Allergy & Tree Nut Allergy

Our 2018 trip to Disney World was full of adventure and fun, and of course, we devoured the food!  We made it a plan to try one new snack each day and share our findings (tough job, right?).  If you follow my blog, you know that our family accommodates peanut & tree nut allergies as well as a gluten intolerance.  I wrote a blog about what we found for these restrictions last week.  You can find it HERE.  

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

Disney Snacks for Peanut Allergy & Tree Nut Allergy

I was also able to do some research for our friends with a peanut allergy and tree nut allergy, and I've shared our findings in my guest post on the Disney Food Blog.  So whether you're planning a trip to Disney World soon, or you just need a little allergy-friendly snack inspiration, check it out HERE.

For our friends with other allergies, I hope to make another trip to Disney (when it's less busy), so I can research snack ideas for you too!

Food Allergy Kid's Packing List

Going somewhere soon?  Get your packing list so you don't forget something important!

Disney World Snack Adventures with Peanut Allergy & Tree Nut Allergy