Six Allergy-Friendly, Healthy Snack Ideas

Six easy, healthy, top 10 allergen free snacks you can use for school, road trips, after school snacks or anytime.  These snacks make the ordinary super extraordinary!

Allergy-Friendly Snack: Zucchini Chips (Top 10 Allergen Free)

Delicious, healthy and school-safe snack of crispy, crunchy, homemade zucchini chips.  

Allergy-Friendly Easter Recipe Roundup

Nine yummy allergy-friendly family baking recipes for Easter.  All courtesy of some of my Food Bloggers of Canada friends.

Myths About School Allergy Plans And How To Avoid Them

Learn what 5 myths may be stopping your school from becoming food allergy friendly.  They may not be what you think!

How To Host Kids With Food Allergies

Need a little mom inspiration for food allergy aware playdate activities?  This post will give you 6 tips for hosting a child with food allergies.

How Olympic Athletes Compare To Food Allergy Families & What We Can Learn From Them

All this Olympic fever has made me think a bit about how Olympic athletes and their families compare to us food allergy families.  What do we have in common with some of the most successful and achieved people in the world? In my opinion, we have more in common than you might think.