Packing for Our Weekend Trip With Food Allergies

Our extended family isn’t going to be able to spend Christmas together so we decided to spend a weekend together AWAY in a hotel.  We’re going to Kananaskis Lodge which is about an hour and a half away from where we live.  It’s been YEARS since we’ve been there and they’ve recently done a reno, so our whole family is really excited.  But before we get too crazy, we need to pack.  And as we all know, packing for a food allergy is a lot more daunting than just throwing in a swimsuit and change of clothes.  So to get me going I thought I’d write everything down and share it with you!

My Easy Food Allergy Baking Tools (Which Make Great Gifts For The Food Allergy Baker)

It’s that time of year!  Time to subtly hint to your hubby about what you want for Christmas.  Or maybe not? I was recently reading a marriage blog that said we shouldn’t be subtle (or expect) our hubbies to know what we want.  We need to be honest and tell them exactly how we feel (in a loving way), and take out all those unfair “read my mind” expectations.  And I have to say I agree.  Which means if you’re a Food Allergy Mom that cooks and bakes as much as I do, this post comes at the perfect time.  It’s full of my favourite food allergy baking tools and you can easily forward it to your hubby, or anybody else who needs to buy a present for you. 

How To Decrease Food Allergy Cooking Stress This Holiday

Seven easy ways to decrease food allergy cooking stress this holiday season.

5 Mistakes I've Made As A Food Allergy Mom

This is not easy to write.  To prepare for this post, I’ve had to remember some of the scariest times we’ve had with food allergies.  Knowing that things I did (even though they were accidents) may have caused these situations, makes my heart ache.  The Mom guilt is real.  And exposing my incompetence to the world is even harder.  Luckily, my daughter’s reactions were mild, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if my daughter would have had full-blown anaphylaxis (and even thinking of that is too difficult).  Let’s just say I’m SO THANKFUL that all the situations turned out well and we can now just call these situations learning experiences.