To Food Allergy Dads, With Love

With Father’s Day coming I want to celebrate all those great food allergy dads out there.  I've written this post with my hubby in mind, but every family has different roles and responsibilities.  I think we can all agree that food allergy dads are some of the best in the world and need a little recognition, and a lot of love!  So here goes…

Thanks for knowing your stuff about allergies and sometimes being the only one in my world who really GETS the stresses of keeping our kids safe.

Thanks for listening and hearing my every thought about finding food substitutions, helping extended families to understand food allergies and everything in between. 

Thanks for being my rock when I’m off the deep end with worry.  There are times when I overthink and second guess myself. From whether we should let our food allergy kiddo go to the party or, if that summer camp we researched relentlessly is ACTUALLY allergy aware.  Your level-headed, strong and consistent support brings me back to earth.  We don’t always agree, but having someone who understands means the world to me.  

Thanks for the lightheartedness you bring to our family and home.  I want our home to be safe and enjoyable, but it can sometimes be a struggle with the stresses of life and food allergies.  You bring the fun right when we all need it.

Thanks for enforcing good allergy habits. Sometimes this means hard decisions like turning around after driving three quarters of the way to a dinner across town because we need to enforce “no epinephrine, no food”.  Thanks for making those hard decisions and following through with them.

Food allergy support for moms

Thanks for being my partner when it comes to finding allergy-friendly snacks, gifts and goodies.

Thanks for helping to re-read labels and being that extra set of eyes. 

Thanks for hugging our food allergy kiddos when they don’t feel included and for hearing their struggles and comforting them as only you can.

Thanks for hugging our NON-food allergy kiddos when they feel worried or left out and hearing their struggles and comforting them as only you can.

Thanks for hugging me when I’m in the thick of worry or loneliness, or after I’ve seen that reaction that will change me forever.  

Thanks for being you. 

To all the food allergy dads:

No two food allergy dads are the same and maybe one or two of these seemed out of your zone.  No matter what your contribution to your family is or what your circumstances are; your kids need you (food allergies or not).  Thank you for stepping up and being one of the most integral and under celebrated parts of our lives.

How does your child’s food allergy dad support your family?  Celebrate him and his contributions in the comments!  

Food Allergy Dads

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