Food Allergy Awareness Week 2019

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2019

It’s food allergy awareness month and more specifically, food allergy awareness week!  This is such an inspiring an awesome week for those of us in the food allergy world.  I love all the great information that is created and shared, and I love the chance to intentionally educate and inspire people about something that is so misunderstood.

One of my favourite things about food allergy awareness week are the #turnitteal lightings that happen all over North America during this week.  My hometown of Calgary, AB, Canada has The Calgary Tower which takes part in this event every year.  Sadly, we’ll be away for the lighting which will be on May 18, but we saw it last year!  Here’s a pic.

Food Allergy Awareness Week #turnitteal Calgary Tower Lighting

If you have a monument in your city or town that turns teal for food allergy awareness week, I’d love to see the pic in the comments OR on my social media posts.  Feel free to send me a DM!

This year, in honour of Food Allergy Awareness Month and Food Allergy Awareness Week, I thought I would share with you some of the MANY food allergy awareness articles I’ve written!  In fact, it’s hard to even pick because there are so many at this point.  So here are a few categories and you can decide what suits your needs right now. 

I encourage you to share your favourite article whether it’s one of these or another one in honour of food allergy awareness because the more that read and understand, the better!

Food Allergy Awareness Topics:

  1. Articles About What It’s Like to be a Food Allergy Mom.

Discover the High Mental Weight She Feels As A Food Allergy Mom Everyday

What I Wish People Knew About Food Allergy Moms

2. Articles About the Importance of Food Allergies in the Classroom, at Playdates and in Business For Those Without Food Allergies

For Teachers: 7 Tips to Make Food Allergies Easier in Your Classroom

How to Host Kids With Food Allergies

How Food Allergies Can Increase Business Profits

How Food Allergies Can Make Entire Classrooms Healthier and Happier

3. Articles That Talk About Food Allergies at Social Events

Five Heartfelt Thoughts for The Mom Who Kept Her Child Home From the Birthday Party Because of Food Allergies

Potlucks, BBQ’s and Food Allergies

4. Food Allergy Information Articles

Can My Child Have Anaphylaxis From Touching Their Allergen?

Two Simple Ways to Make Sure Your Food Allergy Information Isn’t Fake

5 Mistakes I’ve Made as a Food Allergy Mom

Now, keep in mind, I haven’t listed all my posts.  I’ve just got too many to list them all.  Specifically, I’ve missed all the ones about making your life easier when it comes to finding a prepping allergy-safe food .  I’ve also not added any of my travel articles because I consider these “HOW TO” articles and food allergy mom lifestyle articles instead of food allergy awareness articles. 

So if you’re wondering about either of these topics, Don’t miss the topic heading on my blog on the right side.  Just go to my main blog page and click on “meal planning” or “travel” on the right side to see all the food allergy living articles.  You’re going to love them!

Three Easy Ways You Can Take Part in Food Allergy Awareness Month

Did you know that it’s super easy to take part in sharing food allergy awareness?

The easiest way is to SHARE your favourite blog post or meme (the blogs above are great and you can share many of the memes I created on my Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest pages).

Other easy ways to take part is by reading a book about food allergies to your friends or family’s kids or at your school. If those don’t work, you can simply share the #teallightings in your city with friends and family.

Will you be taking part in Food Allergy Awareness Month/Week? If so, let me know how you spread understanding and awareness, I’d love to know!

Food Allergy Awareness Month Blog Roundup