8 School Supply Essentials for Kids With Food Allergies

Allergy eats for those who need a fare allergy plan or a food allergy action plan.

As always, summer has FLOWN by, and here we are looking at fall and school supplies. 

I know we don't want to think of school yet (or maybe we do!!), but we all know this has to get done whether we’re in the mood or not.  Besides, if we know what we need we can then search for sales in the little bit of summer we have left instead of paying full shot right before school starts.  

In past years I’ve scrambled to get everything done because I never kept track of exactly what we needed from year to year.  This will not be the case this year!  I’m taking the initiative to create a list of all the things we need to buy before the school year in September.  So I thought I would share it with you in case you’re in the same boat.

I recommend ordering these items in advance because some of them may take more time than you think to arrive (i.e. medical bracelet and EpiPen holder).

Lets get into it:

  1. Fresh epinephrine injectors.

New year means new injectors.  You’ll want to make sure the injectors will be good at least until the end of the school year so you don’t have to remember to replace them halfway through the year.  Yes, I ask at the pharmacy to see what the expiry dates are and sometimes I go to a different one if they aren’t at least a year (of course this is more difficult to do with the recent EpiPen shortages in the last year). 

2. Epinephrine holders.  

My daughter LOVES the free one that’s available on the EpiPen website.  We’ve tried a few specialty ones, but that’s the one she likes best because it fits around her waist and it’s easy to carry.  It’s well made and lasts quite a while.  There are also three designs, one for boys, girls and a plain black one for either boys or girls or older kids.

3. Medical Alert Bracelet.  

Because this is what emergency teams look are trained to look for, this is important as a form of communication if your child ever needed medical attention and they couldn’t speak for themselves.

There are so many varieties and versions of these now.  From plastic versions that can get wet for the younger kids to the utilitarian versions from Medic Alert, to the more beautiful or high end ones for the older kids.  Allergy Superheroes makes a good quality plastic one that is durable in water an anything your kids come across (not sponsored). 

I don’t skimp on this bracelet, because my daughter has to wear it all day, every day.  I make a big deal about letting her pick one so I know she loves it, and I make sure to buy one that is going to be comfortable.  We usually go with Lauren’s Hope since their stretchy ones are comfy AND pretty (not sponsored). There’s no use in having a medical alert bracelet if she doesn’t wear it!  

4. Emergency plan with new pictures.

You don’t actually have to purchase emergency plans (they’re free on either the FARE or Food Allergy Canada website), but don’t forget this because it’s super important!

Your child changes and gets bigger every single year, so it makes sense to update their picture on their emergency plan to make sure it’s as accurate as possible, right?  I make mine up with the most recent school photos from the previous year and bring it with me to my school allergy plan meeting.

School supplies for kids with food allergies

5. Wipes.  

Studies done show that washing hands is THE best way to remove allergens from hands, but the next best way is with wipes.  Unfortunately, alcohol gel is the least effective and not recommended because it doesn’t actually remove allergens from hands or surfaces.  

6. Lunch box (or two).  

If your little is in half-day preschool or kindergarten, you may not need a lunch box, but otherwise, your child will likely be bringing their own lunch and snacks to school so you’ll want a reliable way to carry it there, while being something that your little loves so they WANT to bring it.  

If you have a young child, then you may want to look into something like the Flatbox lunchbox.  These unzip to make a clean “placemat” with the lunch contents inside and then zip back up into a bag when lunch is over (not sponsored).

7. Food allergy labels and name labels.

There are many you can get from Mabel’ Labels to plain ones made with your own label maker.  How much detail you put on the label about the allergies will depend on how old they are.  What ever label you choose, it’s important to label lunch boxes, backpacks and possibly school supplies too.

8. Antihistamines (if your child has environmental allergies).  

Yep, these expire too!  Make sure you have a fresh bottle for your school this year too.

Honorable mention:

If your child has hand eczema you may want to provide soap and hand lotion too. My daughter brought her own moisturizing soap for many years!

Don’t forget to talk to your school and create an allergy plan before the year starts.  Making sure the teacher is allergy savvy AND knows how to keep your child included is really important.  Book a time to go over it all with them as early as possible before they’re feeling the back-to-school crunch.

Allergy eats for those who need a fare allergy plan or a food allergy action plan.


Parents rejoice, the kids are going back to school!  Although the lazy days of summer will be missed, you’ll be ready and prepared for an allergy-safe school year with this list of supplies.

What about you? Which one of these supplies surprised you the most? Let me know in the comments!

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