The Best Teal Pumpkin Ideas (Non-Food Halloween Treat Ideas)

The Best Teal Pumpkin Project Ideas (AKA Non-Food Halloween Treats)

I have a confession to make.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may already know this, but if you’re new I’m going to come clean.

I've never really liked Halloween.  

I just don’t get excited about dressing up as someone or something else, and I really don’t like the scary, gory aspects either.

When I became a food allergy mom, my dislike for Halloween intensified because of all the reasons we know so well (our kids feeling excluded,  worried about a reaction, etc. etc).  So every year I never really look forward to blogging about Halloween and food allergies. That was until I realized that I could inspire food allergy moms and non-food allergy moms to find great non-food treats to hand out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, candy is one of my favourite things, but it really does get excessive at Halloween! That’s why non-food treats are my jam. They’re fun, inclusive and healthier than all the sugary treats!

Food Allergies and safe Halloween ideas for the Teal Pumpkin Project

We've been doing the Teal Pumpkin Project for about 3 or 4 years now.  Our usual go-to for giveaways have always been glow sticks.  These are ALWAYS a hit, especially if kids come after dark and they can put them on right away.  This year, I thought I would check out other unique teal pumpkin ideas and share them with you.  Believe me, if you think outside the box, you can find some really neat things!

Check out the best non-food Halloween treats that I found in this video:

(Keep in mind that the guide I talk about is no longer available, BUT the teal pumpkin ideas are still really awesome!)

The Best Teal Pumpkin Ideas (AKA non-food halloween treats)

Here’s a quick overview of 8 of the best teal pumpkin project ideas included in the video:

  1. Bookmark making kits - These cost WAY less than you think and it gives the kids a craft AND a bookmark. Two for the price of one (low-cost) treat. What a win! Watch the video for ideas of how to do this without breaking the bank.

  2. Spider making kits - Again, its low cost and a great activity AND toy. The video shows you how to do it easily.

  3. Yoyos - Who doesn’t like a yoyo? This toy is a classic for a reason; kids love it! You can get low-cost ones at your local Dollar Store OR watch the video for a cool twist on the regular yoyo that I found at Party City.

  4. Glow Sticks - You just can’t go wrong with glow sticks. In past years when I’ve had a mix of glow sticks and candy I’ve had many non-allergy kids ask for the glow sticks at the door instead of candy. Now that’s a way to make allergy kids feel special!

  5. Themed Straws - I love the idea of a reusable straw, a win for the environment and a win for kids who love to use them!

  6. Themed Erasers - My kids love using different erasers. This allows you to actually USE the treat instead of tossing it within days.

  7. Bubbles - What kid doesn’t like blowing bubbles? It can be a great way to get the kids outside throughout the fall and winter!

  8. Maze Games - Find these at your local party store since they’re usually used as birthday treat gifts. These games have been known to keep my kids off screens and playing for hours!

What about you?  What non-food Halloween treats do you give out?  Share in the comments below. The more teal pumpkin project ideas the better!

The Best Teal Pumpkin Project Ideas