Social Events

How To Host Kids With Food Allergies

Need a little mom inspiration for food allergy aware playdate activities?  This post will give you 6 tips for hosting a child with food allergies.

Can My Child Have Anaphylaxis From Touching Their Allergen?

What are the facts about anaphylaxis and touching a food allergen?  Read about skin contact risk and how it might affect Valentines Day.

Holiday Traditions That Don't Involve Food For Food Allergy Families

Many Christmas traditions involve food.  You know, building and decorating gingerbread houses, opening chocolate candy from the advent calendar, putting milk and cookies out for Santa.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but the food focus can be REALLY hard when you’ve got a child with food allergies.  So what happens if we don’t want to focus on food-based traditions?  Or maybe we just want something a little less intensive than Elf On A Shelf?  Well, I’ve got you covered!  I’ve scoured the internet for some fun, meaningful food allergy friendly holiday traditions & activity ideas and included a few of our own traditions as well.

How To Decrease Food Allergy Cooking Stress (and Still Keep Your Kiddo Included) this Holiday

Seven easy ways to decrease food allergy cooking stress this holiday season.

Teal Pumpkin Project Halloween Treat Ideas

Looking for fun, unique and exciting non-food treats for Halloween?  Check out this post for ideas and get the goods on where to shop for non-food treats with my review of 5 Canadian retailers.

Staying Positive When Others Don't Accommodate Food Allergies

How I stay positive (mostly) when others don't accommodate food allergies.

Potlucks, BBQs and Food Allergies

Going out to someone’s house and explaining how to safely manage food allergies can be exhausting.  Going to a potluck, BBQ or family event where the food and environment are unknown adds a whole new layer of stress.  Sometimes I feel like it’s just easier to stay home.  But after 10 years of living with food allergies, I also know that loneliness is real and can be just as bad as the food allergies themselves.  Which is why I’ve started to intentionally work on going to more social events.  In doing this, I’ve come up with a few things that help mentally and practically when going to potlucks & BBQs.