Six Creative Ways to Make Valentine's Day Amazing For Your Food Allergy Kid(s) - Without Food

Six Creative Ways to Make Valentine's Day Amazing For Your Food Allergy Kids (Without Food)

As I write this it’s blue Monday.  The day they say is supposed to be the most depressing of the whole year.  With the holidays done and bills coming in, I think we could all use a little love and cheering up, don’t you think?

What better way to do this then to start thinking about the season of LOVE, Valentines Day.  I’ve got some great ideas to spark some creativity and ideas that will get your family into the spirit of love and kindness and make your food allergy little feel special in no-time.

The key point is to know that Valentines DOESN’T have to be just about chocolate, goodies and food (many of which might be unsafe for your food allergy little).  There are so many other ways to celebrate that you and your kiddo will love EVEN more!

  1. Treasure Hunt. 

 Use notes as clues to find special photos or heirlooms that have special meaning to you. Highlight important dates and events in your marriage or family.  This is such a great way to share your love story with your kids.  Celebrate how you and your hubby met and things you did together.  Sharing your story with your kids creates a huge bond and they LOVE hearing it, no matter how old they are (i.e. toddlers like it too).  The clues can be easier if you have smaller kids and harder if your kids are older.

If you’re single parenting talk about stories you’ve created together with your kids. There’s nothing like reminiscing together!

Non food valentines for kids with food allergies

2. Decorate.  

This can be done in a couple of ways.  When we did it, we decorated the main floor and when the kids came down on Valentines day they were completely surprised and delighted!  Hubby and I had a great time creating the surprise together (which was a great way to bond with him too), and it was super fun.  

The other way is to decorate together with the kids weekend before.  Make hearts and tissue paper and put them up where you can all enjoy them for a few days.

3. Volunteer to Help Others Together.  

If you have older kids you can go to a local shelter to help out.  If you’re kids are younger, find the nearest Senior’s centre and spend some time visiting with them.  You’ll bring a ton of joy to the Seniors and your kids will feel like they have purpose and meaning.  Not only that, but fostering this attitude of caring and kindness helps to spark a sense of giving back (and stamp out entitlement).

4. Play a Game Together.  

The game doesn’t have to be Valentine’s themed, and it can be your favourite board game.  This is especially fun if you’re family has a competitive streak.  Playing together is a great way to teach your kiddo all about sportsmanship and playing by the rules.  Keep things lighthearted and kind to make sure things don’t get too competitive!  

5. Do a Valentine’s Craft Together.  

The family that crafts together, stays together.  That’s a saying, right?  Either way, a great craft is a great way to celebrate your love for each other.  Here are a few craft ideas for any age.

Here are a couple of craft ideas:

Love Bookmark for Preschoolers:


6. Write Your Kids A Personalized “Love Note”.  

This can be funny or sentimental.  Either way, make sure to include all the special qualities you love about your child.  If possible, make sure to include comments from both mom and dad!


Don’t worry about finding food treats that your little one can enjoy this Valentines Day.  By focusing on these allergy-free activities, you’ll become closer to your child and your family will fall in love with being together without the sugar rush!

What are your favourite allergy-free or allergy-friendly ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?? Share with us in the comments!

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