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Allergy Tips For Travelling With Severe Allergies

Allergy Tips For Travelling With Severe Allergies

I like to share what we learn as we travel with food allergies. For some reason we always have trouble with food allergies at airports. Find out what food allergy travel mistake we made and how to avoid it in this post.

How Olympic Athletes Compare To Food Allergy Families & What We Can Learn From Them

All this Olympic fever has made me think a bit about how Olympic athletes and their families compare to us food allergy families.  What do we have in common with some of the most successful and achieved people in the world? In my opinion, we have more in common than you might think. 

Three Mistakes I Made When My Kids Started School With Food Allergies

We all want a safe and inclusive classroom for our food allergy kiddos.  Find out 3 mistakes I made when talking to schools about food allergies and how to avoid them so you and your kiddo have a better school year.