Top Allergy-Friendly Disney World Snacks (for Peanut Allergy + Tree Nut Allergy + Gluten Intolerance)

We went to Disney World with Food Allergies! Find out what allergy-friendly snacks our food allergy family enjoyed around Disney World with a tree nut allergy & peanut allergy plus a gluten intolerance.

Food Allergy Tips I've Learned While Travelling: Arriving Hangry

Food allergy tips we learned while travelling with food allergies to Disney World during spring break.

Packing for Our Weekend Trip With Food Allergies

Our extended family isn’t going to be able to spend Christmas together so we decided to spend a weekend together AWAY in a hotel.  We’re going to Kananaskis Lodge which is about an hour and a half away from where we live.  It’s been YEARS since we’ve been there and they’ve recently done a reno, so our whole family is really excited.  But before we get too crazy, we need to pack.  And as we all know, packing for a food allergy is a lot more daunting than just throwing in a swimsuit and change of clothes.  So to get me going I thought I’d write everything down and share it with you!

How To Plan & Pack Meals For A Weekend Trip With Food Allergies

Because the timing of my dear Grandma’s death happened in the middle of our gluten test, I was forced to figure out how to visit small town Saskatchewan given all of our food restrictions, new & old.  I was determined to go to the funeral, and re-starting the gluten test was not an option for us.  So I needed to figure this out.  Thinking about it now, I think that our new gluten restrictions forced me to become even more creative than in the past, which is a good thing!

Rolling With The Punches: Travelling With Food Allergies

The smell of the ocean air and tantalising food mix with the sounds of waves crashing.  The warmth of the moist air and gentle morning breeze caress our skin.  The sound of kids laughing and playing in the shimmering aqua pool.  The view of a sunrise from the top of a volcano that is unique and can't be seen anywhere else in the world. The thrill of careening far above the tropical trees on a zip line.