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3 Simple Steps to Figuring Out What's For Dinner With Food Allergies When You Have No Idea

3 Simple Steps to Figuring Out What's For Dinner With Food Allergies When You Have No Idea

Use these easy steps the next time you’re feeling stuck for food allergy dinner ideas.  Although meal planning will save you more time and energy in the long run; this process will give you the inspiration and ideas for an easy dinner when meal planning isn’t in the cards!

How To Plan & Pack Meals For A Weekend Trip With Food Allergies

Because the timing of my dear Grandma’s death happened in the middle of our gluten test, I was forced to figure out how to visit small town Saskatchewan given all of our food restrictions, new & old.  I was determined to go to the funeral, and re-starting the gluten test was not an option for us.  So I needed to figure this out.  Thinking about it now, I think that our new gluten restrictions forced me to become even more creative than in the past, which is a good thing!

Rolling With The Punches: Travelling With Food Allergies

The smell of the ocean air and tantalising food mix with the sounds of waves crashing.  The warmth of the moist air and gentle morning breeze caress our skin.  The sound of kids laughing and playing in the shimmering aqua pool.  The view of a sunrise from the top of a volcano that is unique and can't be seen anywhere else in the world. The thrill of careening far above the tropical trees on a zip line.  

How Food Allergies Can Make Entire Classrooms Healthier & Happier

Hannah is 5 years old.  She’s a joyful kid who likes school, especially playing at recess and special math or gym games. Today, Hannah notices that her best friend, Aria’s mom brought in cupcakes for Aria’s birthday.  Hannah noticed that Aria loves the same kind of cupcakes as she does, which she knows is one more reason why they are best friends.  She notices her favourite Disney character on top of each perfectly decorated light pink and blue cupcake topped with sprinkles. How she’s looking forward to the creamy, sweet frosting.  She goes through her day excited for the special treat.  Only when the time comes, Hannah isn’t allowed to eat the cupcake.

Seven Ways to Help Your Family Deal With a Food Allergy

Food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society.  There are several theories about why this is happening, but none of them have been proven.  According to statistics, there are 15 million diagnosed with food allergies in the US and 2.5 million people with self-reported food allergies in Canada.  Six - 9% of these are children, but 50% of new diagnoses are adults with food allergies.  A new diagnosis can affect family and other relationships in surprising ways.