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Seven Reasons To Have A School Allergy Plan

Want to know how a school allergy plan can help you and your child create an inclusive and safer school environment?  You'll find seven ways in this post.

Staying Positive When Others Don't Accommodate Food Allergies

How I stay positive (mostly) when others don't accommodate food allergies.

What I Wish People Knew About Food Allergy Moms

What I Wish People Knew About Food Allergy Moms

I’ve been a Food Allergy Mom for over ten years.  Even though I have the best intentions, I still fight misconceptions about why I do what I do.  And now that I'm a Food Allergy Consultant and AllerCoach, I'm realizing I'm not alone, and these are very common feelings with other Food Allergy Mamas too!   Because of this, I thought I'd write it all down in hopes of giving a bit of insight into the life of Food Allergy Moms (FA Moms).