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Six of the Best Steps to Create a Successful Plan for Food Allergies at School

Six of the Best Steps to Create a Successful Plan for Food Allergies at School

Six steps to break down the overwhelm of creating a successful food allergy plan for school.

To Food Allergy Dads, With Love

Food allergy dads deserve a huge thank you for all they do to support their food allergy families. From a food allergy mom to all of the unsung heros of the food allergy life, dads.

For Teachers: Seven Tips To Make Food Allergies Easier In Your Classroom

There are 1-2 food allergy kids in every classroom. Learn seven easy tips to make your classroom more food allergy-friendly.

Seven Reasons To Have A School Allergy Plan

Want to know how a school allergy plan can help you and your child create an inclusive and safer school environment?  You'll find seven ways in this post.

How Food Allergies Can Make Entire Classrooms Healthier & Happier

Hannah is 5 years old.  She’s a joyful kid who likes school, especially playing at recess and special math or gym games. Today, Hannah notices that her best friend, Aria’s mom brought in cupcakes for Aria’s birthday.  Hannah noticed that Aria loves the same kind of cupcakes as she does, which she knows is one more reason why they are best friends.  She notices her favourite Disney character on top of each perfectly decorated light pink and blue cupcake topped with sprinkles. How she’s looking forward to the creamy, sweet frosting.  She goes through her day excited for the special treat.  Only when the time comes, Hannah isn’t allowed to eat the cupcake.