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10 Food Allergy Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Safer On A Plane

10 Food Allergy Travel Tips That Will Make You Feel Safer On A Plane

Long flights with food allergies can seem daunting for us food allergy moms. Read this post to find out how our family manages food allergies on a long, international flight.

Advocating For Food Allergies With Kindness

Advocating For Food Allergies With Kindness

A great way to advocate for food allergies is by using what we all want; kindness and empathy. Find out how a fellow food allergy mama used both to increase awareness and safety for her daughter!

To Food Allergy Dads, With Love

Food allergy dads deserve a huge thank you for all they do to support their food allergy families. From a food allergy mom to all of the unsung heros of the food allergy life, dads.

Three Mistakes I Made When My Kids Started School With Food Allergies

We all want a safe and inclusive classroom for our food allergy kiddos.  Find out 3 mistakes I made when talking to schools about food allergies and how to avoid them so you and your kiddo have a better school year.

Seven Reasons To Have A School Allergy Plan

Want to know how a school allergy plan can help you and your child create an inclusive and safer school environment?  You'll find seven ways in this post.

What is a School Allergy Plan & Do You Need One?

School Allergy Plans may not be the norm in all of Canada, yet.  But this post gives you an idea of what they are and how they can help keep your child safe at school.

Seven Things I Wish I Knew When My Daughters Were First Diagnosed With Food Allergies

Dear Younger Me,

I see you and I know you.  You feel alone and unprepared right now.  Your helpless, precious child has been diagnosed with a severe food allergy.  You’ve already seen the power this disease has when your sweet babe became swollen beyond recognition with hives, redness and itchiness.